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Morgen Elizabeth Morris
Popu and Nana's Great Grand Daughter
Scot and Cindy's Grand Daughter
Child of Melanie and Chris, A Super Baby

Hi! My Name Is Morgen Morris

I guess most of you feel that a six month old girl is not entitled to a web page, But I don't agree with that, because I have a lot to say... First of all, the staff at Lewis Gale Medical Center did a fantastic job getting me transferred to my new active duty as a live human being, and I acknowledge them for the kindness and care which they extended to my Mom at getting me out of my nine-month old home, and into the brightness of a real "birth of freedom". I really thank my Mom and Dad for putting up with me when I really "pour it on" when I'm hungry or my diaper is full....and for the love of many names does a kid have to have?...Morgen....Pookie...Bunkie...Big Girl, How do you expect me to have self esteem, when I don't know exactly "who I am?" The formula you're giving me is not as good as the "real stuff" I used to get, but it's OK. Actually, since I overheard Mom talking to the Doctor, I think I'll be getting some real food very soon. For the time being I can't get in a chat room, but give me time, and I'll be putting Aunt Chrissie to shame. I'd have more to say...but what can you expect? I'm only six months old!..but I'm a Morris and we love to talk!